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Customer Testimonials

Todd is an excellent trainer and a very patient person. He cares about your dogs, so you don't have to be concerned if you leave a dog with him. I would recommend Todd to anyone with a bird dog that needs a little assistance or wants to Field Trial.

Jeff and Jan Kalina

Phoenix, Arizona

I have known Todd for about three years. Todd is one of the most stand-up people you could ever meet. I have spent many Saturdays seeking his guidance in the field. He helped me work through several problems I was having with my young pointer. He has a great understanding of dogs and a special way with them. If you're looking for a bird dog or your next field trial champion, I would highly recommend Todd as a great place to start. His zeal and skill are second to none, and you won't meet a nicer guy.

Russ Crow

I purchased a GSP from Todd at Rock Solid Bird Dog Kennels this summer. He was 4 months old at the time, and now he is 9 months old. He is a family dog for us also, and he is great with young kids (9 months – 3 years), then when we take him hunting he hunts with style and endurance due to Todd's breeding program. At 9 months old, he is broke stead to wing-shot-fall. I would recommend buying a GSP or other pointing breed from Todd. The dogs are high-quality dogs, and it shows when you are in the field with your friend's dogs. Also Todd is a high-character guy whom you can trust. Happy hunting!

Denny Patterson

Todd is an outstanding trainer with many years of working and running bird dogs behind him. You can not ask for a more educated and nicer guy to work dogs with. I enjoyed working dogs this past summer of 2015 in the White Mountains with Todd. Todd is also currently helping me to take one of my young prospects to the national level. Thanks for all you do!

Todd Fielitz

Todd was a Godsend I had a poor experience with a local dog trainer and my dog was lacking mojo to say the least. He was able to bring her back to full mental health and turn her into a running and gunning dog. I not only have great things to say about Todd's demeanor to dogs but also to new clients, he was able to turn 3 months of poor training around in what seemed like a month.

It seems as though his soft spoken tone with the dogs goes a long way . If you're looking for a great trainer, as well as a guide moving forward,Todd is the man for you. Thank you Todd.

Matt and Amberly

I just picked up a couple of young Pointers that I left with Todd this past March. Todd did an excellent job bringing the dogs along and they are ready to go hunting this coming season. I have a fair amount of background with bird dogs (40 years) and it is very nice, refreshing to this old man, to find a trainer that is capable of enhancing a dogs desirable traits and characteristics thru training. I would not hesitate to put another dog with Todd. A stand up guy and an excellent dog trainer. 

Jim Risher

Todd is truly the "Dog Whisperer" in every sense; he has that special connection to every dog and it shows in the results. We couldn't have been more pleased with the results and more importantly his disposition throughout the process. You'll be happy you entrusted your dog with Todd.

JJ Levenske

If you are not using Todd to train your dog, you may not be using the right guy! Last August, when my Pup was 14 weeks old I sent her to Puppy Training. A month in the mountains with Todd triggering her natural instincts was invaluable. When we got her back she was bolder, confident and on a continuous pursuit for birds as well as her next adventure. In January this year, at 7 months, we sent her to him for formal training for 3 months. During the last month of training I was able to spend some time with Todd and my pup, you know train me to work with her. Training ended in March and of course hunting season was over. So I joined the local Pointing Dog Club and started running her in Trials. She did well, my fault when she didn’t. At the end of the points season she finished 2nd overall in the Hunter Class. There was one more opportunity before we called it a year, the clubs Tournament of Champions. After all the smoke cleared, she won the class, couldn’t be more proud of her.

Everything Todd advertised my pup did, being steady, wing, shot to fall and retrieve on command. Sure she wasn’t perfect and needed to be guided along the way but she is and has been solid. Again Todd, Thank you!


Gregg Caughran

Last year I tried hunting with my GSP. Rather than point quail, she wanted to bust the covey and chase the birds. I needed help before this season, and I found Todd's website. My dog was 15 months old when she began training with Todd. After the 3 month session, she was steady with pigeons. She would get out of the truck and stand until released to hunt. She would locate and point the pigeons without breaking until she was released. Todd did a great job of teaching a chaser to be a pointer. We are currently making the transition from pigeons to Gambels quail. It is only a week into the quail season, but she is beginning the transition and she has made several good points.

Aubrey Young

Todd was recommended to us and we gave our 7 month old Brittany to him for 3 months. Todd did a wonderful job with her. Her desire to hunt is awesome. Recently she went out on her second hunt working with a GSP. She hunted like a pro, honoring and holding when the birds flushed. We were and still are very impressed with The way Todd trains. His quietness and firmness get the desired results. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing a trainer.

Sue Queenan

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