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Basic Hunting Dog Training

Your Dog will be exposed to birds. Taught how to point. Will be steady to wing, shot & fall. Also will be taught to honor other dogs & handle to whistle. Introduced to the gun in a kindly way. Will learn to hunt cover. Three months is the expected time required to learn this. Each dog learns at their own pace. If your dog should require more time a consultation will be made with owner. When this program is finished you and your dog will be ready to go hunting!

Field Trialing

I will campaign your dog for you or prepare your dog for you to run at trials. 

Puppy Program

Puppy time is a time to explore and build confidence. This is done multiple times a week with birds planted in the field for your puppy to hunt. They will start to learn to come & go with you. Your puppy will be exposed to the sound of the gun.

Video - Aldo training @ 6months

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